Home based businesses are becoming more popular now a days as most of them require very low or no investments, risk free and convenient both in terms of time and place.  But there are only few people who really understand and make a lot of money from this. With the advent of technology especially internet, the opportunities are growing very rapidly across the globe. All that you need is a computer with a decent internet speed.

Google AdSense : Google AdSense is one of the most successful affiliate programs across the world. All that you need is a website or a blog. You can place the google ads and will get paid based on the clicks and turn out ratio. Earnings would be different based on the traffic/page views, clicks and click-turnout ratio. If a visitor clicks on the ads and buys some advertised products, you will get paid more.

Be an Affiliate : An affiliate program is a partnership between the hired advertisers and a company. All that you need to do is promote the site of your affiliate and get paid for every visitor you can drive the traffic to their website. Again, you need a website or a blog. You can also do this using social networking accounts too.  

You have an option to choose it as either a link or a banner. You also have an option to customize the banners and display settings.

Telephonic and Email Marketing : Some companies offer outbound marketing. In this, you have to establish a direct contact with the existing customers and to improve prospective buyers through a phone call or email. This is a bit difficult when compared with the website, however here you will get more direct interaction with the customers and hence can get a feedback of the products and services directly from them.

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