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Gold is not a currency used for trading goods in today’s age. Instead, you can buy it from the comforts of your home and sell it at a higher price through your smartphone or desktop.

In the past centuries, precious metals have become a symbol of the rich, and it’s beautiful and ever-lasting look made them a favorite for many jewelers. However, investors were able to see a new opportunity regarding gold, silver, palladium, and platinum, and this was through investing. See more about gold on this site.

During a significant drop in the stock market or wars in other countries, investors flock to tangible assets to save their hard-earned money. When the prices of commodities and services begin to skyrocket, gold has been a steady haven that provided shelter for many volatile portfolios.

This is why many investors have considered investing in gold bars and coins besides traditional stocks and bonds. Even if the bars held in secure vaults don’t give them an annual cash flow, they have the peace of mind of knowing that their entire investment value won’t plummet to zero overnight. It’s a security, insurance, and a hedge against inflation, and it’s no surprise that many people are flocking to these metals. 

To own these precious assets, you should always research them first. Know the risks first, where the trustworthy dealers are, and how you can profit handsomely with the investment. Here are some tips to help you out.

Ways of Buying Gold and Other Precious Metals

Bars and Bullion

The rectangular and glittering gold bullion is very popular among those who have a huge capital to spare. These products are priced according to their purity and available by ounce or grams. Their current gold content, manufacturers who have produced them, and their weight were stamped on one of the faces which are easily verifiable by pawn shops.

Investing in an individual retirement account will require individuals to get bars with at least 99.5% purity, and bars from other countries may not meet these specific requirements. 

Individuals, online platforms, and brick-and-mortar stores may have the bullion available, and you should check their prices and compare them before buying. As such, online buying gold is an option, but browse the web pages to see what others offer. 

Heavy weights will generally result in additional costs, and you can’t cut it in half and sell it to others if you must. Initial investments might be huge but if you find bulk buyers, then earn a significant profit as part of the trade.

PAMP Suisse Bars, JM Bullion, etc. are all famous for selling authentic and affordable bars. However, check the government mints in your area for other information about what they offer as they have good deals.


Getting newly-minted coins, whether considered legal tender or not, will result in a profitable venture if things are done right. Face values might be the basis for many investors, but they are usually worth more, especially if they are collectibles or numismatic types. They can even fetch a high price if there’s a huge demand for gold and silver coins and if they are rare enough.

Newly-minted types will be easier to find and cheaper, which is great for those just starting in the industry. However, when investing in an IRA, you’ll want the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaves, and other options deemed acceptable according to the IRS.

When not planning for a long-term storage strategy and you want to get the coins solely for trading, there are options for the Australian Kangaroo, Austrian Philharmonic, Mexican Pesos, British Sovereign, and the African Krugerrand to buy. They are available in various sizes that accommodate your needs, and their weights may range from a tenth of an ounce to 1.

In 1933, the Liberty coins were minted in the US, and most manufacturers produced them then. However, because the Great Depression happened, production stopped, and the President signed an executive order calling everyone to hand in the gold they held.

For fear that this would happen again and confiscation may appear, most people prefer the older coins because they are exempted. Options like the $10, $20, and $5 gold eagles are more desirable, but if you love the craft and creative part, look for the Saint-Gaudens commissioned by President Roosevelt. Attractive coins from all over the world may also interest you but know that they will require a significant amount of investment if you get serious with them.


Precious metals exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, are another option. These companies own the gold or silver on your behalf. They might be sitting in a vault somewhere in the UK, but them while you’re on the couch. Read posts about ETFs at this link:  

Benefits of buying these assets are numerous that there’s no need to store your precious metals, and they’re beginner-friendly. However, various platforms or brokerages may charge you minimum management fees. Fam

You have to go into a brokerage and buy the shares, which can be available online or in shops. The fees are charged, but expect them to be much lower than mutual funds. You don’t need to pay for insurance and storage facilities, and the funds might be related to gold-streaming corporations or mining stocks that provide loans and financing options for miners.

Mutual Funds

With mutual funds, a pool of money is created for various investors, and a manager will manage the entire account on your behalf. This will result in you owning a small percentage of gold bullion. However, expect that the fees might be higher than that of an exchange-traded fund because a manager will make decisions based on in-depth research and chart analysis from previous reports.

You will not have to do the legwork by yourself, and a brokerage firm will decide on the most profitable investment available in the market currently, and you only reap the profits. However, you should consider the volatility, different expenses, and fees that come with these assets to make the right decisions.

Precious Metal Uses

Precious Metal Uses
Precious Metal Uses

During the pandemic, when everyone stayed home, stocks plummeted, and businesses almost went bankrupt, many people’s burdens increased rapidly. Governments have to increase their spending to give relief to the poor and since there’s fiat money being printed all around the clock, the investors flock into the metals to ensure that they preserve the value of their portfolios.

In these times of economic turmoil and panic, you need to preserve the currency’s value by buying assets that go up when the prices of stocks and mutual funds go down. Various industries like jewelry, electronics, medicine, and others use them because the metal is free of corrosion and it’s a conductor of electricity. 

Wealthy clients often require fillings, bridges, or crowns made up of pure gold which increases their appeal. The alloys are heavily utilized in orthodontic appliances and they are hypo-allergenic options for clients that are more sensitive to mercury. 

Aerospace use them where billions are being spent to launch the vehicles into space. NASA is relying on gold for the astronaut’s gear and the various functions of it can’t be overstated. It’s very dependable in various industries especially in various voyages and travels. 

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