India has gradually gained attention from the world, in regards to the country’s promising potentials in boosting up their own economic as well as multiplying investors’ money. Hence, it should no longer be a shocking news for everyone to hear that numerous new startups in India are getting themselves on position to share or even dominate the gruelingly developed market. Watch out these 7 best startups of India in 2016

  1. Spinny :

The startup was just established in April of this year, inspired by its brother company, Hopcar, which has declared itself earlier to the Indian market. However, Spinny gets that a special system which can reveal the score and price of particular cars you feel much interested in. the company is anticipated in Bangalore and other cities in India.

  1. GoBolt :

If you have just started your business but having no delivery system yet to support your business, then you can consider using GoBolt’s smart service. The startup was founded in October 2015 but it has been granted pre-series A funding from MCube8.

  1. Mihup :

Lately, this startup providing a great source of news, entertainment, sports and other segments was given US$ 6.7 million-investment by Accel Partners. It is a huge amount of money that will surely be used to optimize Mihup’s hot services.

  1. Voonik :

Voonik, one of Indian’s potential fashion marketplace has recently added Dekkoh to its net. This Dekkoh, somehow, is aimed to connect over than 200 personal stylists through online chats so that they can conduct market over the platform. Dekkoh is one among other earlier sites such as Getsty, Vilara and Picksilk.

  1. ListUp :

ListUp was founded earlier this year, precisely in January 2016, and since then it keeps growing big. The startup is intended to provide users with an easy and flexible access to lists of used good they plan to buy. Location feature is added to help users navigate the closest sellers compared to users’ location.

  1. ExtraEdge :

Education-seekers now are given a space to get information about school enrollments, much easier than everyone had to endure in the past. ExtraEdge is the proof. It employs cloud-based sales and marketing automation software to provide users with enrollment information.

  1. Cookifi :

Last but not least, here we let you know that Cookifi is already in the town to get you chefs and cooks you expect to help you hold your best parties. It is kind of a unique, but brilliant service they try to offer to users. You are going to see the app’s great function once you try it yourselves.

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