1. Desktop Version on Smart phone

Yes, it’s possible to have a desktop version of Chrome on your smart mobile. Just press the menu key, and hit “Request Desktop Version” & you’re ready to go.

2. Swipe among the Chrome Tabs

For Android users, just place your finger onto the toolbar & move either towards the right or left. For iPhone users, keep the finger at the end of the display & swipe inwards towards the right or left.

3. Compose an Email

You can compose your e-mail into the address bar of Chrome. For this, type ‘mailto:’ add the recipient’s email id in the address bar. It will launch the compose window of Gmail instantly where you can create your message & press send.

4. Task Manager

Just like a Windows Task Manager, you could monitor the apps which are presently running & terminate any which you don’t need. Go to the menu section, select More tools & choose Task Manager. Pick the app(s) & press End process.


5. Save any page as a pdf file

Found a good article online & want to save it? Simply hit Cmd + P (for MAC) & Ctrl + P (for Win). Pick “Save as a PDF file” to get a pdf version of the page.

6. Take notes

You can easily take notes of any important info using the web browser of Google Chrome. Simply copy the below text & paste it into the address section of another. Press enter.

data:text/html,<html contenteditable> 

7. Talk to the browser

Go to Settings & tick-mark enable Ok Google for starting your voice search. Then, simply do a search with your voice like you normally do other voice search apps.

8. View the cached version of a page

Just add the word ‘cache:’ before your web address & press enter. For instance, cache:www.health.com

9. Custom shortcuts

Even though you’ll find plenty of shortcuts on Chrome, you can alter those for creating new ones. Copy and paste chrome://extensions into the address bar & press enter. Press Keyboard Shortcuts. Pick the one that you would like to make a custom shortcut & proceed.

10. Speed up the browser

Go into Tools, select Task Manager. Sort the given list by memory, pick extensions & sites which use more memory, hit
end process.

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