1. FB Translation tool

Facebook has joined forces with Bing for offering the users with the Translate link. This can be seen under all the status messages or comments which isn’t your 1st language.

2. Voice for Fanpage Admins

The “Voice” reminds the page admin you will be using FB as a Fanpage & not yourself.

3. In-app follows

The feature lets the user to follow a particular individual’s activity within the app (even though you aren’t friends with the person) & it will display into your personal newsfeed.

4. Ability to edit your comments

This will let you edit anything which you have written previously under a photo or update. However, know that anybody will be able to see what you have edited.

5. Ad icons

FB recently added a small mega phone sign besides its Sponsored Advertisements segment that directs users to a webpage explaining them why they’re seeing the ads.

6. Better integration with Instagram

By visiting YOU inside the photo sharing app & hitting Sharing Settings, then FB you will be able to make the likes visible onto your personal timeline & modify the default settings in order to forward everything you capture straight to FB without requiring to tick small little box.

7. Page application

The page app offers Fanpage owners total control over their pages whilst on the go.

8. The Camera application

It lets the user capture & edit the image. You could also share it with your network and add various filters to it.

9. Chat emoticons

Yes, this is another cool feature from FB that lets you add funny emoticons whilst chatting with your friends on Facebook.

10. Change the username of your Fanpage

Know that you are allowed to change your Fanpage username only once, hence pick it wisely. For this, press “Edit Page”, go to “Update Info”, fill-up “Basic Info” & then “Change Username”.
However, if you’ve over 200 Likes on your page, you won’t be able to change your Fanpage username.

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