Friday, 24 Jan 2020

3 Steps to grow your Product Based Business

If you are working on a product based business there are only 3 major steps to work on. The success in these kind of businesses depends on how one follows these 3 steps. These steps would make you think like an educated businessman rather than a trained sales person.

1. Self Usage : The first and foremost important step is to learn and use your products first. Unless you know personally how good or bad the products are you can never understand their real value. You will get more confidence and will know the positives and negatives in practical usage. This gives a capability of answering others more effectively than efficiently. Remember, a well trained sales man can answer any question efficiently whereas the well educated business man answers it more effectively.


2. Retail : Retailing (Direct or Indirect) is what gives you business volume and profits. The better is your product knowledge, the better the chances of selling it. Learn the required selling skills. Join selling associations and other such networks who can boost up your selling skills and confidence.

3. Teach : Teach your team (direct sales team or network marketing team) about the above 2 steps. Be it a duplicable method. Recognize the leaders in your team, reward them and train them in finding other leaders.

I wish you a very good luck. Have a Happy Earnings !!


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