Whiteboard Animation for Startups Kick Start Your BusinessWhiteboard Animation for Startups Kick Start Your Business

Building a new business can be very hard. You need to get and do things right in order to successfully build your new business. You need the right and appropriate tools that will make your business stand out from the others and be able to face the competition without getting hurt. Whiteboard animation is one great tool that every startup should have. It is actually a simple but very useful marketing tool that can be utilized in various different ways in order to build a business that is strong without spending a lot of money.

Whiteboard animation is actually a video creation technique that brings images live on screen such that they attract the attention of the targeted audience. You can use the technique to create stories and presentations and show them to your audience in small clips. The technique is also known as animated doodling or video scribing.

How can whiteboard animation benefit your startup?

Benefits of Whiteboard Animation

In the current times, plenty of quick information is in high demand, and capturing the attention of your targeted audience is quite difficult. Businesses want to maintain a strong position in the market and that’s why new ideas on how to be very strong keep on being developed. Whiteboard animation is one good asset today for many types of businesses, especially startups.

It can help capture the attention of the targeted audience and actively engage them when you are promoting your business or message. You don’t need to break your head to create the whiteboard animation. You can hire a freelancer to do it. 

Here are several benefits of whiteboard animation videos.

1. They are very compelling

This is definitely true, and better yet, it has been scientifically proven. By saying they are very compelling, based on the results of a scientific study, whiteboard animation promotes memory retention for a longer time than other types of presentation techniques. One is able to remember what they watched on the small video clip better than when a presentation is provided via other techniques. In addition, the visuals highly improve the interest and retention of the viewer which is a very good thing, especially in these times when it is quite hard to capture the attention of the viewer.

This great benefit of whiteboard animation is highly linked to the simple images that are often used to convey information. Scientific study results show that the brain is able to process information better when simpler images are used than when complex images are used. Today, it is a fact that people do not want to watch very complex and detailed information. Actually, you will never succeed to fully capturing the attention of your targeted audience when you are using long and detailed presentations, and this is because the attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter as time progresses.

You need to be simple in your presentations in such a way that your audience will not have to use a lot brain of brain power to understand your videos or the imagery in your presentations. This is the only way they will be able to grasp and retain a lot of information from the message that you are conveying to them.

The compelling aspect of the whiteboard animation is also due to the videos that utilize a hand that can be virtual or real. The hand capture the attention of the viewer as it draws the images while narrating the whole process. The viewers are kept glued to the video, due to the suspense that is created such that they want to know more about the message that you are conveying. The utilization of the hand, be it real or virtual, encourages active engagement of the viewers. Through this, the viewers will not move on to another thing until they have finished watching the whole clip.

2. It goes viral and becomes popular

Whiteboard animation is often very impressive and they are liked by very many people from all walks of life. Something that is easy to understand is definitely liked by everyone in this world. Nobody wants something that is complicated or very detailed. We want something that we can relate to, you feel better when you can understand and relate better with something than when you’re struggling to understand something, don’t you? Something that is loved is always shared.

When people feel compelled by a presentation they will also feel compelled to share it. The sharing of the video is often driven by the information that is presented in it. If the information adds value and can be easily understood by people it will definitely be shared and thus go viral.

For quite a long time now, businesses have been using infographics and other character videos to convey their messages. These techniques do not appeal to everyone, as a matter of fact, some can only appeal to consumers and others to the corporate world like the live-action videos. This is one major setback that whiteboard animation has come to eliminate. They can appeal to everyone and this means that they can get viral easily and faster.

The ability of the whiteboard animation to get viral easily provides more visibility to your business. Your startup gains more exposure and with time your business will have a strong position in the market out there. More visibility means more exposure and thus faster growth rate for your business.

3. It is very easy and cheap to create

Every startup wants to cut on costs in order to see faster progress. If the costs are too high, it can be difficult for any business to achieve its goals as it really desires to, actually. No one wants high costs of operation. Whiteboard animations can be termed to have come to the rescue of the startups especially on matters of exposure and presentation of the businesses’ ideas. They are cheaper and easier to create than other types of presentation techniques. One great thing about whiteboard animation is that you can create it yourself. There is a lot of information on YouTube on how to do it yourself. The other option is to outsource the creation which is also cheaper than other types of video animation.

When you are looking forward to creating your own whiteboard animation video you need to have high-quality items such as a microphone which helps in the projection of a clear voice that can easily be heard without struggling. If you don’t have the necessary items, you may need to outsource the production to a talented voiceover artist who has all it takes to create a great animation.

4. They can help build brand awareness and trust

Brand awareness and trust play a major role in the success of your business. If you lack those two key aspects, your startup will never leave the ground level. Whiteboard animation helps create brand awareness and trust among your targeted audience. In order to ensure this, you need to have a high-quality video that explains everything clearly. A high-quality video is good for the first impression. Therefore, if the video is poorly done, your targeted audience is able to make its own judgment and no one will want to watch it to the end. Would you watch something that is not clear?

Every time you are creating a whiteboard animation video you need to make sure you have clearly aligned it with the cultural guidelines and personality of your business so that you can build strong brand awareness. This should be accompanied with great content also.  It is very easy to build trust among your audience, only if you do things the right way. You need to build a connection with your audience, you need to make them feel valued by incorporating characters that they can relate better with. This way they will feel a great connection with you such that they will now start trusting you, and they will always want to know your message.

5. They make explanations of complicated processes simple

This is one great power of whiteboard animation. The explanation of a complicated process can be very boring and actually very few people will watch the video to the end. If your message is complicated it will not appeal to your targeted audience thus it will not be shared. Whiteboard animation can turn the explanation of complicated processes into simpler explanations. This technique allows the breakdown of the complicated process into a simpler step-by-step process that is visual as it is being explained a verbally. Whiteboard animation video will therefore ensure that your targeted audience can easily learn the process that you want to convey to them. They will understand the complicated information in a simpler manner than when it is conveyed in a complicated manner.


Whiteboard animation is greatly gaining popularity among many people from all walks of life and industries. Most businesses are turning to the use of whiteboard animation videos due to their stronger impact than other video techniques when it comes to conveying information to the targeted audience. The message is better understood, compelling, and shared, giving your startup more exposure. 

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