All doctors need the best disability insurance. They cannot work forever, or they may face a serious accident in life that can prevent them from working or practicing. There are many international health insurance companies they can choose from, but are there some things that physicians must know?

Yes, there are. In this article, we will show you the five things doctors need to know about long-term disability claims. This list should help you choose the best insurance policy to get.

1. You Must Get a Private Long-Term Disability Policy

Many doctors have employers, and they rely on the long-term disability insurance that their employers pay for.

The thing with this kind of Insurance is that it is not customizable to your needs. You must get a private policy that fits your individual situation.

While a policy like this may be expensive at first, you need to look at the bright side. It will become cheaper in the future, and you will reap its benefits.

2. Read The Policy Carefully

Some doctors have a strategy for the stock market, while some have a strategy for getting Insurance. Before you sign, you must read your policy and understand what it means.

In many policies, you need to prove something before you can get a claim. These policies are also complicated. For example, a diagnosis is not a disability. You may be diagnosed with a disease, but it does not mean you are disabled.  

3. Know That It is a Battle

Claiming long-term disability insurance is an uphill battle. It is a tough situation, and the insurance companies will use anything against you to deny your claim. 

Because of this, you must prepare for a situation where it will take a long time before you can finally win and get your claim. It can take years or months to get what you deserve.  

First of all, be transparent about everything. Do not lie in your application. If you do, and they find out about it, you may not win your claim.

4. Buy Insurance from a Reputable Company

Time and again, there will be a new company that will sell insurance policies. Be wary of these companies.

You should only buy insurance from companies that have been around for decades. This tenure is a guarantee that the company will not go bankrupt soon. 

5. Understand the Definition of Disability

The most important thing to know is that different insurance companies have different definitions of a disability.

Most of the time, a disability is defined as the inability to work because of an illness or an injury. Some companies cover both, while some do not insure illness.

Some also have boundaries where they do not cover disability because of an accident caused by recklessness. For example: driving under the influence.


Disability insurance is a must for every physician. The thing is that insurance companies are too technical. As a physician, you must cover every ground. The last thing that you want is to pay for insurance benefits that will never materialize.


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