As an owner of a small business, you need to get workers’ comp insurance as soon as you hire your first employee.

This insurance is vital because it protects your company against employee lawsuits related to work injuries, medical expenses, partially lost wages, and disability benefits for your employees.

In the past, small business owners have used the traditional methods of getting this insurance, but, with the digital era, they are choosing some companies like Cerity that offer online workers comp insurance. Here are a few reasons why this is so.

1.  Time efficient and convenient

When looking for a cover for your employees, you are likely to spend much time shopping around for a company that has the most affordable rates and is best for your workers. With Google being a click away, you can find and compare different companies in a short time. Online companies like Cerity save small business owners lots of time.

In case of errors, online companies make it easy for small business owners to update and revise information. Purchasing insurance online is convenient because you can buy it while on the move, from the comfort of your office or home 24/7.

2.  Instant

Small business owners are now opting to get policies for their workers online because it is often issued immediately. Online purchasing does not involve an agent, as you deal directly with the company. It is also beneficial to the employer because the process is quick and fast and has no delays; the certificate of insurance is also out on the same day you make your application.

3.  Easy Documentation

The straightforward and hassle-free process of getting a cover for workers online appeals to many employers as documentation is done electronically, and policy is serviced automatically. No papers need to be signed or bills mailed as is with the traditional method of getting workers’ insurance. Online companies like Cerity make it easy for you to go through and manage everything regarding insurance through the company’s portal.

4.  Affordable

Because you are not purchasing your workers’ comp insurance through an agent, it is cheaper than an offline policy. Agents’ commissions are not there, and companies reduce their overheads. You can also compare the shortlisted plans of the different insurance companies and choose the most affordable one that gives your workers maximum protection and benefits.

5.  Timely Assistance

In case an employer has questions about the workers’ comp cover they want or are stuck in the purchasing process, most online companies have a live chat feature. The insurance company assistant will guide you accordingly, and for further assistance, there is always a helpline you can use. Therefore, you do not have to wait for the official working hours to visit a company to get help or inquire.


Buying workers’ comp insurance online has many advantages for small business owners. The era of running around with papers that need to be documented, dealing with company intermediaries, and waiting for long durations for policies has finally ended. When looking for an online insurance company, it is best to go for a reliable and reputable one like Cerity that will meet all your insurance needs.

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