With the advancement in the technology, getting a cab is just simple as tapping an app on your phone. Look at any major cities; you can see cab services like Lyft, Uber and other such services. They are making their way into other parts of the world as well.

Some of the major similarities between Uber and Lyft are :

  • Both Uber and Lyft allow you to book cabs from your phone at the comforts of your place.
  • Though the cost tends to be similar, but they fluctuate frequently.

 Comparison on different entities between Uber and Lyft 

Cost:  Price wise both the firms are offering attractive deals, there is nomuch difference here we can consider the battle as a tie.  However, a general opinion is “Uber is cheaper than Lyft”.

Prime time cost: generally during the prime time Uber increases the charges 7 to 8 times the regular cost. But lyft offers attractive deals during the prime time, which attract more numbers of customers towards lyft, in this scenario Lyft wins.

Popularity and Company Investments: comparatively Uber has got more popularity than Lyft, at the same time Uber has got huge investments.   

Safety: both the firms hold good in offering safety to their customers, here the battle result would be a tie. 

Professionalism: due to the friendly accessibility feature and focus on customer satisfaction Uber has gained more popularity than Lyft. 

Customer Support: both the firms are offering top class customer service. An interesting thing I experienced with Lyft is whenever I found an issue with their system like incorrect amount deducted they apologize and send me $5 free ride.  

Service and Experience: Most of the Lyft users feel happy about the standard of service Lyft offers; here the customer’s hospitality is of top quality. In this category, Lyft wins.

Listed below are certain comparison features between Uber and Lyft-

  • Safety : When it comes to the matter of safety, there is a stiff competition between Lyft and Uber. In both the services, it requires the driver to have a latest driver’s license and also up-to-date insurance. Uber and Lyft do DMV checks, background checks as well as criminal checks on all their employees. 
  • Cost and payment : Uber has given great deals to its drivers where they can get 40% discount if they are sharing the ride with other passengers. This is one of the impressive deals offered by Uber.
  • Working hours and Service Area : Uber has established its units in 250 cities, in 53 countries; on the other hand, Lyft serves in US which is covering 65 cities. Both the firms serve 24/7.

Bottom line :

Both Uber and Lyft provide a super alternative to taxis and by establishing private transportation services.

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