Wouldn’t it be great to earn some extra money in your free time? If your present income is enough to live a happy life, a little extra effort in your free time can give you some luxuries. You can opt for a better car, better house, better education for children and better life after retirement. After the advent of internet, it is possible to earn extra money from home at your own pace and with some skills. Millions of people are doing it everyday, including me.
Let us see what are the best ideas to make money online without much investment these days. Below are my personal ideas and the phrase ‘best ideas’ would be different for other people.
Start a Blog or Website : 
If you are interested in writing, sharing ideas or have knowledge in some genre, create a blog or buy a website. Blogging is one of the most popular way to earn money online. Once you start getting good traffic to your blog, you can place ads on it and get money based on the ad clicks. Google Adsense and affiliate marketing are the most popular ways of doing this.
You can also buy a website and start selling some products. Buy a good domain name first that suits your business needs. There are numerous tools available online to design, develop and customize/configure your own website.  Blogging or E-commerce websites surely generate good money based on your skills, quality of it and work nature (quality and quantity of time you spend).
Data Entry Work : 
If you are not sure about blogging or having an e-commerce website, you can have a look at the data entry work available online. Blogging/E-commerce websites are kind of business. You put your investment (time and effort with little money) and get returns either through the number of ad clicks or the number of sales done. If you are not interested in such kind of stuff, you can go for data entry jobs which can pay you based on hourly basis. It could be as simple as transcribe a file from a PDF file to a word document or rewriting a certain file in another language. 
Have a Camera? Sell Photos Online :
If you have a camera and interested in clicking some photos, you can sell them online on numerous websites like PhotoExpert.com or IStockPhoto.com. There are many websites or businesses that are ready to buy photos that suit their needs. If you like wildlife photography, contact some tourism/travel business people or wildlife related societies. If you like generic or society related pics, contact some journals or news websites. You can also contact freelance website that act as agents between you and the buyers on a percentage commission basis.
I will discuss about more Best Online Earning Opportunities in my next article.

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