After ending his career as World’s one of most successful bowlers and making a transition into sports administration, Anil Kumble is now making his way with his company Tenvic into the corporate world. He has created a module called “Lessons From Sport” consolidating all his experience for budding business executives.
His tips for the corporates on the lines of cricket are as below.

1. Choosing Best – Winning is all about giving your best people the best opportunities. Lot of times, teams get overwhelmed by the situations/conditions and end up changing their tactics to suit the conditions rather than playing with what best they have. You can sideline your best player who is in best form in the tournament.

2. No Individuals – There is nothing called ‘I’ in any team. Everything is ‘We’.

3. Clear the Baggage – ‘Shed the Baggage’. Forget about the failures in the past. Forget the poor record if you have. Encourage yourself and your team on the positives you have (even if there are few) and concentrated on the strengths. Its important to clear of your past baggage to move forward.

4. Support Staff – We should not forget the contributions of the support staff. Though the core team goes out and delivers, the role of support staff has to be understood and appreciated. Coaching, analyst, fitness, logistics and other teams play their role in the success of a sports team. Find and appreciated the contributions of your support staff team.



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