Have you ever walked into a home, and instantly felt calm, at home, or energized? Hiring an interior design company for your home can allow your home to evoke these feelings in these who enter it. Designers know how to place furniture and decor so that it instantly draws attention where you want it and away from things you would rather not have noticed by your guests.

Designs are not just for helping your home look its best when you have guests. You can hire a designer when you are getting ready to sell your home. Often, staging the property in the best possible light means the difference between a fast sale and sitting with your home on the market for month after month with no real interest. Designers know how to look at a property from the mindset of a potential buyer, turning your haven into something that appeals to just about everyone who walks in the door, making a fast sale almost a guarantee.

1. Word of mouth is an excellent way to start your search for an interior designer. Consult friends, family or co-workers for referrals to designers they’ve used or would recommend.

2. Check with your favorite home decor store to find out which designers shop there. The staff should be able to provide name and business numbers.

3. Locally produced decorating TV shows and magazines can also serve as excellent source of information. The added bonus is that they showcase the work os a variety of experts in your area.

4. Your provincial interior designer association can make locating an expert in your region a snap. They offer a complimentary referral service that can provide contact information for designers in your area who specialize in the kind of work you require. Go to interior designers of Canada and click on IDC Member Associations for links by province.

5. Interview several designers before you make your decision. You’ll need to know exactly how each expert will approach your particular project as well as his or her work schedule and feel breakdown. Ask to see samples of their work and for client references.

6. There is no set fee structure for the industry. Rates depend, of course, on the designer’s experience, field of expertise and location. Arrangements vary from hourly or daily billing to fixed fees to a percentage of good purchased on your behalf. An hourly fee can range between $90 to $200, and a one-time consultation can cost anywhere from $300 to $600. (The most cost-effective approach – if you’re making substantial furniture purchases – is to use a designer who works at a retail establishment that offers designer services. In those cases, the service is often discounted or free with the sale of the furniture.)

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