3 Steps to build a Successful Downline

Downline building is the most important part of a successful network marketing business. If you have a successful downline, you are almost done with what you want from your business. Also, this is the biggest challenge your business faces.

The answer to build a successful downline is not a new marketing gimmick but has been taught by many successful network marketing systems across the globe but most of them do not follow or at least do not understand the importance of using them on a consistent basis for long term success.

Below are the steps that most of the leaders are already aware of. Looks matters and the business presentation opens the doors, but they are not what keeps the people motivated or interested over the long haul.

Communication : Network marketing is a duplicating business. The more you spend consistent, organized time with your upline the more your downlines do with you. If you are a beginner you may not realize it, but the big certainly do. Communication is the biggest key factor for any business success and network marketing is no different. You cannot teach many people to follow you. The simplest way you can make them follow you is you following your upline.Learn from your upline’s mistakes and do not repeat them.


Commitment to your Business and the Plan : When you are consistent and persistent with your business plan, your downlines also do the same. People don’t follow your words – They follow your actions. No matter how many speeches you deliver holding a mike on dias it is only your commitment towards the business that drives them in your path.

First question to be answered is – Are you 100% convinced about the business idea you are working on before you try to convince others? Remember, you cannot convince others to stay with you for long term. They should only get convinced by your acts not words.

Grow the ones that grow : When you have a decent size business you will have a bunch of downlines and their downlines whom you may not work with at the same time. You cannot ‘mentor’ each and everyone individually. Also there are lot of people who are not very serious in creating a duplicable team but are there only to make some bucks. You should be smart enough to work with only people who wants to grow both economically and as individuals and help them. Its better to work with 5-10 lions than with hundreds of goats.

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