Thursday, 20 Jun 2019

How to Recover Files & Repair a Microsd Card

Memory card or MicroSD card is an external storage device used on supported electronic devices such as digital cameras and smartphones to store data. The SD Card is beneficial because it provides users with more extra space and relieves the phones storage of overwhelming data. This memory can be used to store data like documents, music, pictures, app, and videos which might have made your phone’s internal memory space almost full, full or running slow.

Memory cards come in various shapes and sizes. However, the most available sizes are 512MB, 2GB, 5GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128 GB. The higher the SD card size, the more valuable it is and the more information it can store.

Now, more than once I have had my card damaged and fixed it with these methods. It’s no fun when they get damaged especially when you don’t have a backup file. Not to waste any more time, here are 2 ways which you can recover lost data and repair a damaged microSD card.


  • The first step is simple- You will have to download software for computers named “Recuva”, which has one main purpose; helping you recover every bit of information on that card.


Note: Depending on how damaged your card is, you might not be able to recover every data or any at all.

  • Now, using a card reader, connect the SD card to the computer, or a laptop
  • Then with a mouse, Right click on the SD card drive to choose properties, tools, and check.

If you encounter blockage or difficulty on the card, you will need to run the tab that protects against writing and take it out, then re-insert it again into the Laptop or PC.

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If it appears as if the storage device is empty, you will have to head over to the Folder options, view and in this part click on “enable hidden folders and units”, then simply click on to accept.


If you do not succeed with that method, you can try this other one. It will fix your damaged memory card:

  • Navigate to the start menu, click on it and then write CMD.
  • A screen will open, there, type “SFC / SCANNOW”without the quotes and with the MicroSD connected to the computer, enter it.
  • The system will automatically begin scanning the card and will try to repair every corrupted or damaged file in it.


NOTE: I recommend you always make a cloud backup of your most important data and files. You can easily do this by saving them to your Gmail account. This will grant you access to your most prized files even when your SD card is lost or damaged beyond recovery. Another benefit of cloud backup is that you can have access to the files wherever you are or on the go!

This fix is permanent and your device storage will not be affected by this problem again. Kindly share this post with family and friends if you found it helpful.


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