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How to become Rich?

Do you want to become Rich? 99% people on this globe answers it Yes, at least in their mind. Though some people say that money is not everything and cannot buy everything, it surely can buy few things that helps in having a comfortable life.

I am not going to give a detailed explanation on how to become rich (you can read other articles in this website itself) but giving 3 most popular ways of doing it.

1. Inheritance : This is the easiest way of making money. All that you have to do is nothing, but born for (at least adopted by) rich parents or grand parents. This is not in your control at all. Do not worry if you are not one of those. As Bill Gates rightly said – It is not your mistake if you are born poor, but it definitely your mistake if you die poor.

2. Stunning Physique : If you have stunning physical attributes or an athletic body you can a good living through modelling or through sports. These two fields are being paid great these days. If you do not have an atheltic body nothing much can be done, but you can go for plastic surgeries if you want to choose modelling inspite of an average physical features.

3. Wisdom : If you have knowledge that others doesn’t posses, it is a good chance for you to make great money. Scientists, Engineers, Doctors and most importantly Entrepreneurs are top among these.

Keep trying different things, hang around with rich people, start businesses, learn from failures. All these contributes to wisdom. 
This is a better way of earning wealth that stays long term. 


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