The most prominent online store in India has come up with a smartphone application which has yet again hit among its customers. The Flipkart App is available for free and is supported by the entire OS platform Android, Windows and iOS. It has provided its customer with an easy and trouble free experience. Online shopping has never been easier than this after the launch of Flipkart App. Flipkart enjoys a huge customer base in India and the application launched by them recently has once again captured the online shopping market. The mobile application from Flipkart is easy to download and is a tiny one which requires only 3 MB of space.


    1. The mobile app is a bit different than what we usually see in our laptop or desktop. The interface has been made simpler and very user friendly. The products selection can be done effortlessly without any long searches and you can buy from this application instantly.


    1. The application is free of all those irritating pop us and high graphics advertisements so the browsing is super fast and devoid of any glitches that too in a 2G data connection. The Flipkart app sports an easy swipe options and you can click on the icons to see and enhanced view of the products. The products are categorized in a simple way and there is no difficulty in searching any sorts of products.


    1. The Flipkart App features a different area where one can see all the discounts and offer which is currently being offered by Flipkart. So there is very little chance of missing any exciting offers. The offer’s page is updated in a regular basis and thus all the current offers can be availed through this app. It has also got the bar code features which makes the customer aware of the actual price before making a confirmed purchase. This is very helpful if you are in a tight budget.


    1. The navigation system of this app is worth praising as it is quite an easy process to swipe through the pages to find your desired products. The search option is also optimized by voice, text and bar codes. The site requires login first and then it opens. It assures secure transactions and is very handy.


    1. The app can run with all sorts of internet connections but the most remarkable feature of this app is that you can get access to the latest reviewed products without an internet connection also and to add you can also see all the details without an internet connection. Flipkart has successfully updated its business model and is going hand in hand with the technological advancement. Flipkart has shown that it is the company of the future and is already a super hit in the Indian market.


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