If you are lucky enough being a specialist in your field, you are really ahead of the curve. Whether you are an accountant, artist, writer, engineer or marketer, you are more competitive with a refined skill base. Beyond knowing the general trends of your trade and the language, you should be able to produce something of economic necessity and of high value. It gives a great competitive advantage for your talents. You would be able to approach the problems in different innovative angles when you give yourself a strong foundation on any of these skills. Also, you will position yourself to adapt to the shifting market conditions. Here are 3 skills that will complement any analytical , technical or creative talent.
1. Networking
Whether you realise it or not, strong networks make you exponentially more valuable. You can always rely on your network on people for help when you want someone to help you accomplish a goal. Most successful organisations thrive on the combined expertise of different types of people. You can get innovative ideas to approach a problem when you have a network of people from different organisations and skills. You may also get referrals if you are looking for a job change or even a career change.

2. Web Development
 The Internet industry is one great field where there is a high demand for creative talents. If you are a writer or an artist, you can notice that there is a great opportunity to find work that has high demand. You’ll be able to see the bigger picture, if you develop a range of technical skills. If you are a writer, blogger or  graphic designer, you would benefit from learning a programming language for the web.

3. Blogging
The ability to blog is valuable no matter which area you have expertise in. You can contribute to an influential blog in the industry you are working for and get good compensation. You can also maintain your own blog to attract prospective employers and clients.Blogging also helps you in organising your insights rather than just functioning as networking tool.

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