Friday, 24 Jan 2020
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Are Software Engineers Over Paid?

Hello, How are you doing? I am working as a senior software designer and developer in New York for one of the Top 4 IT firms. I had a chance to work with multiple top tier customers at their sites and provided them custom solutions. The best part is the learning of work culture of […]

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Hot Paying dollars Jobs in India

Hot Paying Jobs in India – Part 1

Though there are lot of talks about recession, the job market especially in India is flourishing. The companies started hiring more and the demand for skilled professionals is very good. The demand for senior level professionals has gone up. Lot of big corporations are setting up their operations in this country. Below are the best […]

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Recession in 2017 – Are you Ready?

☞  What Economists say about 2017 Recession ? As per many economists, there would be a recession in 2017 – are you ready for this? The economic health of a nation is something that we may predict. However, the prediction may not be one hundred percent true because there are so many factors that can […]

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Top 4 Tips: How to Grab Best Jobs Opportunities?

If you feel stuck in a dead-end job routine and think you could do better, then why not search for a superior job & look for something which you will truly enjoy & are interested in? Below are a few tips which can help you in finding a job which you have always dreamt of. […]

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Most Frustrating Things about being a Computer Programmer

There are 2 Types of People from a Programmer’s perspective – Outsiders (Absolutely No knowledge about Programming) and Insiders (minimal knowledge Programming, IT field, Business Users etc) Frustrating Questions from Outsiders : You’re a programmer? My laptop is not working, can you fix that? You’re a programmer? Can you fix my internet connection/printer problem? You’re […]

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Online Jobs for Students – Part 2

You can find the “Online Jobs for Students – Part 1” here Online Job #5 – Copywriter : Being a copywriter, you basically write sales letters or ads. It is about selling in print. The better you understand the human psychology, the better copywriter you will become. Online Job #6 – Designer : There is […]

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Online Jobs for Students – Part 1

Online earnings are becoming a reality now across the globe. There are lot of companies who are ready to offer online jobs. Benefits of Online Jobs : This is beneficial in both ways – the companies do not need to take care of employees, no need to arrange infrastructure/seats in office, no need to invest much in office property. […]

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Top 5 High Paying Educational Degrees

Having a post graduate degree can give some kind of accomplishment feeling. Also, it is the only way to gain access to highest-paying jobs available in the market. According to, the average salary for post graduate is nearly 25% greater than those with just a bachelor’s degree. The top 5 highest paying jobs have […]

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