Why Should You Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer?

By: Kenneth W. Berry (Owner, Berry’s Wedding Photography)

Wedding Photography is one of the most important items on a bride’s list. The Wedding Pictures represent the priceless memories that the bride, groom, and their family can look back on for many years to come as they relive the moments of that special day. Many things take place on a bride’s wedding day from her getting her hair fixed with the proper style that fits her personality, the bride getting her makeup done as she gets that face prepared to show off to her new husband and all of the invited guests, and so many details to be worked out from the Limousine’s arrival and departure time, the caterer’s preparation of the proper menu, the Wedding Planner’s last minute details of fine tuning the full day’s layout of the wedding and reception, and everything in between.

In the middle of all of the bridesmaids, maid of honor, and matron of honor getting dressed, the groom and best man, and the groomsmen getting dressed, and of course the ring bearer and flower girls getting dressed and ready to play their proper roles in the ceremony, one thing stands out far above the rest of all the other activities and that is the Wedding Photographer. This is a person that literally holds the days’ memories in his or her own hands from start to finish. The wedding photographer captures the day’s events and places them in a chronological order which makes it easy for the bride to be able to look back on that day and see it even clearer as she goes through her wedding album, as she views her CD or DVD which contains the images of her special wedding day.


A Professional Wedding Photographer is a vital link to a bride’s wedding day memories so it is important that a bride chooses her wedding photographer very carefully and not make the mistake of choosing the photographer strictly based on low price. The lowest price combined with inexperience is the perfect combination for disaster. A smart bride always does her research and chooses a professional wedding photographer that is versatile, talented, creative, has a fun personality, and a photographer that she feels very comfortable with. A professional wedding photographer is well worth the investment as he or she is being entrusted to capture very touching images of an important day. The Wedding Date has been picked out and now the brides start focusing on one of the most important elements of her wedding day: The Photographer.

Many brides live in one city or state and yet their wedding is going to take place in a different city or in a state that is several hundred or several thousand miles away from the city or state they reside in. This is where a Destination Wedding Photographer comes into play. A bride looks for a Destination Wedding Photographer who is available to travel to the city or state where she is having her romantic wedding event. Some professional wedding photographers will only cover weddings within a 30 -50 mile radius of their studio. Some will accept wedding assignments within a 100-mile radius of their location. And there are other professional wedding photographers that will actually travel the entire nation to capture the memories of a bride’s particular wedding and reception event. And there are even other photographers that will travel to international destinations to photograph an event.

Brides and Grooms both consider many important characteristics that they look for in a professional wedding photographer. One of those characteristics is a warm personality. Other brides look for a certain style when they search for the right photographer that will fit into their preferred list of requirements. It has to be noted that a photographer is an extremely important component that will help ensure the bride’s day goes as smooth as possible. Of course a professional event planner is another important component that can have a direct impact and effect on how smooth the bride’s special wedding day goes from start to finish. The main thing is that the bride and groom are both very comfortable with the personality of the selected photographer because this is an individual that is going to occupy most of the couple’s day. That means attitude and personality, mannerisms, good chemistry, and also professionalism, all play a big part in the selection of a professional wedding photographer as the bride makes her decision on which type of photographer she has in mind and on how she wants her wedding day to unfold.

It has to be remembered that each photographer is going to bring a different vision to a bride’s wedding. Some wedding photographers are more creative than others. Also photographers have different styles of posing and photographing so again the individual skills and personality of the photographer will have a direct effect on the bride’s wedding pictures and finished portraits. Some wedding photographers will be committed to traditional posing only. Some photographers will employ a style that will be exclusively photo-journalistic from start to finish. Some photographers will employ both traditional posing blended in with a good mixture of photojournalism as he or she captures the essence of the bride and groom’s wedding day.
One very important factor that brides focus on is the wedding photographer’s experience. A bride is fully aware of what experience translates into when it comes to her decision on choosing the right photographer to capture the details of her wedding day. A bride that has done her homework already knows an experienced wedding photographer is one of the most important factors she will take in consideration when making a choice on who she entrusts to handle the images of her priceless wedding day. Yes experience is not a guarantee but experience will heavily improve the odds of a wedding being photographed better from start to finish as an experienced wedding photographer is not only more well versed in handling and posing different sizes of wedding parties, different types of locations for the weddings and receptions, and is experienced in dealing with a wide range of personalities that are always present at weddings and receptions, but one of the best factors that comes with a bride choosing experience over low price is it gives her peace of mind.

There is nothing more important to the bride on her wedding day than being able to relax and take in the day’s activities knowing she has chosen a professional that is going to deliver her beautiful images of her day and also a professional that is going to handle themselves and conduct themselves in a professional manner around her guests, her friends, and relatives that are in attendance.
Experience, experience, experience. Three words that every bride should memorize when making a decision on which photographer she chooses in the end. Experience goes a long way when a bride wants to ensure her wedding day goes as good as possible. No bride wants to employ a wedding vendor that will be engaging in on the job training on the most important day of her life. A professional wedding photographer with several years of experience, quality skills, a creative vision, quality equipment, and a good personality, is a very good and safe investment for any bride. To learn more please visit the photographer’s website at http://www.berrysweddingphotography.com

About the Author:

Kenneth W. Berry is a Professional Wedding, Portrait, and Event Photographer with over (20) Year’s Experience and a reputation for giving Good Customer Service. He uses Professional Nikon Digital Cameras with backup. He serves Metro Atlanta, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and is available Nationwide USA. Ken is known for his unique creative vision and lifelike close up portraiture. He can be reached at (229) 889-1401 or 1-866-SMILE OK (764-5365). To view Testimonials, and a wide variety of Mr. Berry’s Wedding, Portrait, and Event Photography, please visit his website at http://www.berrysweddingphotography.com




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