Top 5 Work from Home Careers

Top 5 Work from Home Careers

1. Work from Home Careers – Child Care : If you are a kids lover, then this could be the best work from career option for you. The Department of American Labour states that 33% of the childcare providers are self employed – most of them offer the services from home. Being a child care provider your job is to nurture, supervise and teach the kids of different age groups.

2. Work from Home Careers – Customer Service Representatives : Customer Service Representative jobs were one of the most popular jobs in 2008 with 2.3 million jobs. As a customer service representative, you need to take the clients calls and troubleshoot problems related to a service or a product the customers have bought. It doesn’ require strict educational requirements if you procure good communication skills. Some companies are hiring even high school graduates.

3. Work from Home Careers – Telephone Nurse Triage : Telephone triage nurses respond to the health questions on phone according to the symptoms. Based on their training and academic background they offer an assessment of their health situation. They may even direct them required services.

4. Work from Home Careers – Content Editing/Writing : The Internet is exploding like a dynamite over the last few years and there is a lot of demand for content writing, polishing, proofing and presentation. If you are a professional writer or has the interest to learn it, here is a wonderful chance for you.

5. Work from Home Careers – Web Designing & Development : From the smallest entity to the biggest corporate, almost all businesses have a web presence. This has created a great demand for people who can design and develop the websites and other web applications. Most of the smaller companies hire freelance developers and designers to create their online properties.


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