Top 20 Success Secrets

1. Always be open minded. Only an open parachute is useful.

2. Be an inspiration to your children and your friends.

3. Money cannot buy everything. But it surely can buy things that you can gift your lovable ones.

4. Have a photo of your dream. Paste it on your refrigerator to see it everytime. If you don’t have a refrigerator buy that poster first.

5. It doesn’t matter who you are and where you come from. Its your dreams, attitude and hard work what matters.

6. Success is easy if you believe it.

7. Believe in freedom. Believe in your dreams. Believe in justice.

8. Have a mission in your life. Have a submission – submitting to a mission.

9. Have a mentor and not a boss in your success journey.

10. You must be able to live a life without budget.

11. Look at every opportunity. Choose what suits you best.

12. Changing yourself and taking right decisions every time you get up in the morning keeps you where you want to be.
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13. Be persistent and consistent in what you believe.

14. Be a Hero to your wife. Be a Hero to yourself.

15. Understand that Money is not everything in life. But ensure that you have enough of it before making such stupid statements.

16. It is definitely not your mistake if you are born poor. But it is definitely your mistake if you die poor.

17. Do you have a back up income ? Don’t think that your current job is permanent even in your dreams.

18. The real character of a man is known when he is FREE.

19. Financial Freedom gets you most of the things you want in your life. Remember FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.

20. Strive for changing and growing. Be ready to change yourself.

Always remember the above points, analyze them, apply them in your daily life. Success is yours. All the Best !!

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