2 sectors of the digital world to pay attention in 2022

sectors of the digital world to pay attention

Gradually, B2B influencer marketing is taking shape. According to the experts, 31% of companies working with influencers today are in the B2B sector. They are true experts in their field. Freelance in the provision of services, business manager, employee within a structure. In this way, the key element is the power of their expertise. “It is impossible for a company to talk about employer branding (employer advocacy), marketing customer journey, SAAS tool without a professional who will master the codes. If the profession of a B2C influencer does not matter, that of a B2B partner is fundamental“ – these are words from the experts in this space.

This potential is to be exploited on very specific channels, such as LinkedIn. Unsurprisingly, stats reveal that it is the most used social platform by B2B companies with 94% usage, followed closely by Twitter (87%) and Facebook (84%). It can even push B2B decision makers to buy: 45.6% of them discovered content that led to a purchase on LinkedIn. By obtaining this report, you will discover several B2B influence marketing campaign ideas to be carried out on the social network, but also on other media such as a blog.

Twitch success: when streamers are popular

Although it was gradually becoming popular, the Twitch streaming platform has gained prominence this year. It now holds 72.3% of the market share of streaming platforms, far ahead of YouTube Gaming (15.6%) or Facebook Gaming (12.1%). Since its takeover by Amazon in 2014 and the successive confinements in 2020, the platform has attracted a diversified audience, several types of streamers: art, music, cooking, fitness, media, talk shows… Non-gaming content has even quadrupled on Twitch in the course of the past three years. Indeed, in a continuous quest for authenticity and proximity, the broadcast of Live content wins the hearts of users. They can interact lightly with their favorite streamers via chat and support them in a few clicks through donations, the purchase of badges or simply by subscribing. Buy Twitch viewers and collaborate with others in this space. It’s a recipe for success recipe for the big brands.

Twitch is proving valuable to brands because of its unique exposure and conversion opportunities. Whether a life lasts 2 hours or 24 hours, it makes it easy to convey a message, but not just anyhow. Our recommendation – not to talk only about your brand and its products, favor interactions and games, talk about the news in your sector – except of course for product launches where this will be relevant.

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