Are you looking for ideas to start an online business to operate by sitting at home? After the wonders that Internet has created, many people are looking for opportunities to earn from home, free from boss and 9 to 5 boring jobs. Online businesses are becoming more and more popular daily as they do not incur much investment and are almost zero risky. Despite the fact that there are thousands of different online opportunities available on the Internet, we would like to mention 3 opportunities that generated lot of revenue for a lot in different parts of the world.

1. Flipping a website : This is just like a real estate property. You can buy a website, build it with good content and can sell it off after a decent traffic. There are also some webmasters who purchase a website or blog though it has a huge volume or traffic. Then they add their own design, enhance its value and attract more traffic by building a subscriber base to enhance the value of the website. Read How to Make Money Online without a Website for some tips on how to make money online without creating a website.

2. Web hosting and reselling : Every one who has a website or wants to earn online using a blog medium needs a web hosting account. You can create your own servers and rent the hosting space to the people who are interested in hosting their websites. You can also act as re-sellers and earn a percentage of sales.

3. Review Sites : If you have knowledge of various topics and has the capability as well as interest of writing some good articles you can make some handsome money from this. You can write in any area like childcare, credit cards, business issues and even about choosing an apartment. If you can write some niche articles which can attract lots of readers you can earn some good commission money.

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