Online Jobs for Students – Part 1

Online earnings are becoming a reality now across the globe. There are lot of companies who are ready to offer online jobs.

Benefits of Online Jobs :

This is beneficial in both ways – the companies do not need to take care of employees, no need to arrange infrastructure/seats in office, no need to invest much in office property. All that they is getting the work done. As there are lot of people who are ready to do this in spare time, the work can be done with lesser payments. Secondly, this is useful for job aspiring people. They can save their travel time and can complete this in flexible timings to extra few hundred bucks in spare time.

Not all jobs may suit you. The advantage here is you can try out few options (with zero or very less investment) and then choose what works you best to continue.


Here is the list of most common jobs for students :

Students Online Job #1 –  Virtual Assistant : A virtual assistant is someone who completes time consuming or non priority works of another. Examples of these works are replying to some mails, making some telephone calls to customers, internet research, booking tickets etc.

Students Online Job #2 – Article Writting/Documentation : Most people feel it bore or don’t have time to write the articles or documents. You need to be good in everyday English for this. Write concisely and clearly with no spelling mistakes.

Students Online Job #3 – Transcriptionist : Transcriptionists write the spoken words from audios and videos to paper. You need to be accurate and quick for this job.

Students Online Job #4 – Programmer : If you are good in programming, there are lot of websites who are ready to offer you with some problems and you will be paid for the programming solutions. There are programmers who makes $500 each day.

You can use freelancing sites like, to register free and start working.

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