Make Money with Bing :

I have been reading a lot of articles on how to earn money from Bing. Unfortunately most of these are not really useful. Making money with Bing or Microsoft is a dream for many network marketers as they expect better returns from this world’s most expensive company.

MicroHoo – Microsoft deal with Yahoo has raised hopes for many people on Internet but they are proving to be below their expectations.

If you are an internet marketer or online business owner, there are two ways you can take advantage of

1. Advertise on Bing : Bing also has their PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising program, similar to their competitor Google’s Adwords. You can advertise about your business, company, products/services. Opening and account costs just $5. The deposited amount can be used in multiple times according to your requirement.

2. Bing Adsense : If you are a website owner and looking for ways to earn good money from Bing, you can join the publisher program by Microsoft, display their ads and get paid. This is again similar to their competitor Google’s Adsense. But unfortunately the registration is presently available for US participants only. We can expect it to spread across the world in near future.

As far as I think Bing is not even near to Google when it comes to advertising and opportunity to make money from them. If you have more ideas you can share them here.

Please post your opinions and help us in improving the knowledge being shared.

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