Is Monavie a Scam?

One of my friend has recently invited me for a business meeting. The ‘Leader’ spoke about a list of juice products and the way we can make money out of it. The name is ‘Monavie’. I heard about the name earlier as I am very much familiar with MLMs. The highest earner from MLM industry is a Monavie distributor. I gave a serious thought about the business once. 

Is Monavie a Scam ? 
My thoughts were running in another direction. Is this one more scam? Though there are few companies which are running genuinely there are hundreds of scams running in the market in the name of MLMs or get quick rich schemes. 

About Monavie Products : 

Monavie deals with juices. They assure good health if used regularly. The juices can help in reducing knee pains, assure good heart health and weight reduction. I am not sure whether they real work or not, but the promoters were talking about many proofs of it. 

Cost of Monavie Products : 
Personally I felt Monavie products are too expensive. Each bottle costs around $30 to $40 depending on whether you buy them in retail or as a distributor. Each bottle would last for just 7-10 days if used regularly. In that way you would be spending around $150 every month. I can pay a car mortgage with that amount. If the juices can give me best health, I don’t mind spending that much. Moreover, If you have 2 or 3 regular customers who buys these products from you, you can buy a new car in couple of years. 

Monavie Business Overview: 
There are enough schemes in the market in the name of MLMs. It is easy to find out whether the company runs for longer duration or not. If the company has no genuine products with benefits, the company won’t run for longer duration. Fortunately, Monavie has good quality products and the business model is already proven in various countries. 

The business model pays you money in different ways. 

1. Direct Sales : Straight forward. Buy at wholesale price, sell at retail price. Get 15% margin. If you have regular customers given the price the products, you can earn good money through sales. 

2. Bulk Order Bonus : If you order atleast 200 PV, or someone you sponsored orders in bulk, you will get paid. 

3. First Order Bonus : You get paid for bringing new distributors under you. Applied for Qualified Distributors with at least 200 PV. 

4. Star Maker Bonus : Each time the person you sponsored makes a rank, you will get a star with a reward of $30. So, this is for recruiting, not for selling. 

5. Team Commissions : Works on binary plan. You will be paid based on the way you built your two legs. 

There are other ways you can earn such as Leadership Pools, Executive Check Match and Multiple Business Centers.  

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5 years ago

excellent post with great advice! I’m continuously getting advice on social media from sales people who are aggressively trying to sell their wares in person, on the phone on online. What they don’t realize is that myself and others have tuned them out. All they want to do is sell, sell, sell. Even the spammers are blocking them- great line!

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