One of the most common question people ask me is : “How to Make Money Online without a Website?” Although websites do not cost much – to buy the domain name and hosting it, it still takes some money to spend and most importantly you have write some useful content, market it and build links. Google will notice your content and then start send a bit of traffic to your way. If you are not ready to do that, here are some ways for you to make money online without a website.

4 Ways to Make Money Online without a Website 

1. Sell a Domain Name : 
Investing in domain names is a great step to make money online. Flipping of websites is just like an ‘online real estate’ business. You buy a domain name which could be of demand in the market and sell them off. Visit for more information on this. All that you need to get started is a good idea on the popular keywords and a credit card.

2. Get Paid to Write : 
AssociatedContent, eHow and Helium are the websites that shares revenue for the articles you write. If you can write well, quickly and easily this is the best way for you to make good money online.

3. Simple Tasks on Fiverr :
The new bread of “microjob” websites are becoming popular now a days. This allows people to outsource their small jobs to other people for very small payments. For example paying bills online, downloading photos from website etc. Fiverr is considered the best among these websites.

4. Help a Student : 
If you are good in one or two subjects you can become a “virtual tutor”. Help a student to solve his homework problem and get paid. eHomeworkHelp and StudentofFortune are two good websites in this context.

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