The internet has become a stock home of thousands of “get quick rich” schemes. But most of them shuts down within few months, others really won’t make you rich quickly. However,there are few legitimate ways you can make it if you need a little bit of cash. These are not get quick rich schemes are scams. It needs little bit of work.

Make Money Online Right Now – Sell your Books : If you have some books at your home which you longer need, you can sell them on All that you have to do is enter the ISBN numbers of the books you have. The website gives you a price quote, you can add the books to the cart if you are satisfied with their offered price. Once you can accumulate $15, you can send the books to the address mentioned by them through a pre paid courier service.
Note: Choose paypal account to receive money quickly. Otherwise, you have to for many days to receive a check.
You can sell your books at or But you have to wait for longer time to receive the confirmations and payments. You can choose these if you are not in a hurry. You are most likely to get better prices.
Other Side : You have to wait till someone is ready to buy the books you are offering. Also, you have to pay the shipping costs up front and wait till you receive your payments.


Make Money Online Right Now – Sell your stuff : You can sell almost anything at . Look around your house – books, furniture, clothes etc. Mark it “for sale” under one listing or under “garage sale” category. If are living in a city with active Craigslists, you can expect money within hours.
Not just your stuff. You can sell your services too – web designer, babysitter, painter, etc. Stick to only legal services.
You can eBay for better prices. But it takes longer duration for payments. Also, you have to pay fees, pack your selling stuff yourselves and ship it. The normal duration to receive payments from is 7 days.
Make Money Online Right Now – Write for the Internet : If you have an experience of writting online, you can provide samples of your online work. Write for Demand Studios and get paid within few days. For each 400 words artcile you may get $15 and typically the payments are made twice a week – Fridays and Tuesdays via Paypal.
You have first apply for it, the approval takes 1 or 2 days. If you are selected to write from a list of hunderds of applicants, you can make good money from this. Ensure that you are following the specified guidelines, otherwise your article may get rejected or even your account may be deleted.
You can even write for . But according to my personal experience Demand Studios pays far better than .

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