LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media ‘professional’ networking site. The site has a tremendous database of around 80 million members in more than 200 countries. Lot of professionals are willing to connect through this than any other networking sites like Facebook or Orkut for professional purposes as this fastly growing website provides greater security and almost no spamming.

Advantages of Using LinkedIn : This website is recommended for business or professional purposes as it provides authenticity and security when compared with lot of other websites. While other normal social networking sites allow each and everyone to join, this site is exclusively for business and working professionals. You can also find contacts and groups that are better organized.

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Making Money from LinkedIn : Making money from LinkedIn is mostly like doing with any other websites but the advantage here is you can directly reach the target customers. You can also avail different memberships (paid or free) for your business communication purposes.

1. Create your own network of professionals and groups who are interested in your products and services. Write some small articles about the uses and advantages of it. Even if you have only 400 members and the turnout ratio is just 1%, its a profitable choice for you.

Remember, if they are satisfied with your products or services they would recommend you to other friends in their list (2+ network) and it grows on.
2. If you don’t have your own products or services you can write an e-book and sell it to your networking group members. If you could write it in a better way, you could get repeated and recommended business too.
3. The third option is to sell your stuff. You can ‘recommend’ some used books or watches or bikes/cars to your networking group.

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