Ever wondered on how poeple earn good money from Ebay? Do you know that majority of them do not sell their own products to earn that good money? Keep reading, you will discover the secret on how to earn handsome amount fom EBay without any investment in any kind of products.


1. EBay Affiliate Program : Register for EBay affiliate marketing program which is free of cost. If you have blog, post the affiliate links on your website. Otherwise  post the links on your social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc. Create a fan page in Facebook and keep updating with good posts. Once you get good followers to the page, start posting links referring to good offers available on that day – you can earn good commission when people buy from your link. This is a good way of earning income by referring people without selling.

 2. Sell Like Items at Same Time : Most of bidders look for other related items in your cart they might be interested in buying. Because combined packaging saves money for them. It also saves time and money for the seller too.

3. Bundle a less Desirable Item : Bundle a less desirable item with a most desirable item. This is an old auction technique which works well even in the latest times. If you are offering an additional item to the same item what other sellers are offering, there is a greater chance of bidders going for yours. A simple psychology of ‘why one when I getting two’.

4. Understand the Profit Margins : Yes, understanding the profits margins is very important. Don’t buy anything resell for a very less or very high profit margins. You may not want to resell something for just 2-5% profit margin which might not be your time and effort worth or you may not want to resell with 80% margin which may not lead you more customers.

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