With the exponential growth of gaming technology in the past 20 years, it can be easy to think that a powerful, dedicated desktop computer is needed for the most recent games. However, as games have developed to be more detailed, expansive, and higher resolution, so too have our devices. You don’t have to be tied down to your desk to enjoy the best gaming has to offer, whether you’re a casual fan or a committed hobbyist.

The Nintendo Switch (Brand New Pokémon Version Out Soon)

The Switch is perhaps the most iconic portable games console of recent years, bringing the industry modern versions of Mario, Pokemon, Metroid, and more beloved series. The system itself lacks in power compared to a desktop PC, but benefits from being a Nintendo console and, therefore, the only way to access that library. The system is light, easy to pack, even with a controller and cables, and provides a good deal of variety for a weaker system.

With a brand new look just around the corner, the Switch is remaining a vibrant and engaging system for the more casual gamer.

A Modern Gaming Laptop (More Powerful Than Some Desktops)

The advancement of gaming and computer technology has culminated in systems that can fit in a pizza box but still run games like Jedi: Fallen Order or Call of Duty Warzone without a hitch. On sale for the end of summer are the Ideapad 3 Series of Lenovo systems. These are machines capable of up to 1TB of SSD storage and graphics specifications that can be scaled to a wide price range. The real draw here over something like the Switch is that a gaming laptop isn’t a dedicated console, meaning the power the computer has can be used for video editing, word processing, downloading large files, and more, all in addition to the gameplay.

Access to Steam, Epic Games, and even included Game Pass subscriptions with many models makes this specific range a top pick for 2022 as Game Pass for PC continues to provide the biggest library of subscribed games ever created.

The Steamdeck (If You Can Get One)

We have seen how the Switch provides a dedicated gaming console and how gaming laptops provide versatile useful tools. The Steamdeck is an attempt by Valve to do both. As it stands, there are a series of deposits and waiting lists to endure to get your hands on one, but the system itself is becoming more and more compatible with Steam’s extensive library every single day. Around 5000 games are confirmed as compatible with Steamdeck, and the process of checking compatibility in this way ensures you won’t be let down by buggy performances across the board.

Access to every game on Steam is restricted, however, and while there are ways to access other launchers, you’ll still find a more refined and complete gaming experience on a laptop or desktop. For gamers who want portability, but aren’t necessarily phased by the lack of utility, durability, and power of a gaming laptop, the Steamdeck is a happy medium.

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