AMWAY History & Products Categories

Network Marketing was started in 1950s in the America, and the first major network marketing business was formed in the year 1959. This company was created by visionaries Jay VanAndel and Rich DeVos, with just a single product and a unique vision.

They felt that the conventional sales jos are unfair as the employees/sales people are being paid only once for their work though the company is getting making profits for many years afterwards especially through “repeated customers”. The keyword “repeated customers” has become a buzz word in their minds and they believed that the sales people should be paid relative to the benefits of the company continued to get from their original work.

The major problem with this idea is no existing company would agree to this business model as the price of the products will go far too high as the salesmen has to be paid on an ongoing basis.

So VanAndel and DeVos formed their own company and incorporated the vitamin company into their growing corporation. The vitamin manufacturing company is none other than Nutrilite, the company’s one of the best reasons of success.

With in few decades, after looking at the esteemed success of Amway as well as the business model, hundreds of companies followed in their footsteps. Now, Amway is into almost all the developed and developing countries across the globe.


AMWAY Products Categories :

Amway India has the below list of categories/brands of products when I am writing this.

1. Nutrition and Wellness/Food Suplements (Brand Names : Nutrilite)
2. Cosmetics/Skin Care (Brand Names : Artistry, Attitude)
3. Men’s Grooming Range (Brand Names : Dynamite)
4. Personal Care (Brand Names : Glister, Persona, Satinique, G&H)
5. Home Care
6. Insurance (Max New York Life Insurance, Royal Sundaram Health Insurance)
7. Commercial Products (Brand Names : APSA – Agricultural Sector)

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