There are many ways to earn money using Internet. In fact, Internet has revolutionized the way businesses are happening across the world. Let us see few ways on how you can make money on Internet without or very less investment. 

1. DropShipping :  DropShipping is a business technique where the retailer do not keep the goods in stock, but transfers the orders from customers and shipping information directly to the wholesalers. The wholesalers then ship the goods directly to the customers.

For example, some customers have ordered for shoes of certain company. You would buy the shoes from that company at wholesale price, inform the manufacturer about the order and shipping details like address etc, and collect money from the customers. The retail price minus the wholesale price is your profit. is a website that helps you in doing the research to find what people are more interested to buy online and also helps you on how to do it with tips.

2. Sell a Service : Are you a consultant or programmer or writer? If so, there are some good freelancing websites available which provides you access to lot of customers who are looking to save money rather than going to big companies. is one of the good websites for this.

3. Sell your Old Goods: There are some websites through which you can sell out your unused stuff on internet. It could be your old books, mobiles, computers etc. Also, you can login to and sell the products what customers are looking for. It could be old or new. If you don’t have stock of new products, then you can have a tie up with your nearest wholesaler and take the margin as profit.


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