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TOPOAPP : Get Ready for New Digital Era

TOPOAPP : Addresses On Finger Tips

In today’s digital world there are numerous applications which are developed every day to satisfy the daily needs of various customers who use them. Smart Phones are in great demand in today’s time which adds importance to the usage of various applications to perform their respective tasks.

Applications which are used in these smart phones are utilizing their hardware features to their maximum level in order to provide the best possible output to the individual who is using them. These applications are thus making the life of these individuals quite simpler and improving their way of living by providing unique features to them.

☞ Benefits for Business Organizations: TOPOAPP

TOPOAPP is an amazing application which provides the desired destination location and the way to reach the desired location. As it is helping in reaching the desired location with lesser effort, it will greatly reduce the time which is wasted for finding the desired location of the customer. This will substantially reduce delivery time for the products.

This will also help as one is not required to ask again and again for the address to the customers as they will receive a complete route to reach to the desired location after customer sends them their ID over the TOPOAPP.

Even while we are doing shopping online it tends to be quite cumbersome to add a full shipping address. This can be overcome by using TOPOAPP for filling up the shipping address. It will only require you to enter your ID over the application and your authentication pin code. Rest of the operations will be taken care of by the application itself thereby saving the time of the customers.

TOPOAPP - Get Address on Finger Tips
TOPOAPP – Get Address on Finger Tips

☞ Application use for Developer

One needs to have an API Secret key in order to utilize the application to its fullest extent. Once they get that key by means of registering over the website they can redirect the users to topo location picker URL. This URL used will pick up the location of the user which has clicked over the same. It will further redirect them to the call back URL.

Even user mobile number is added to the link which is utilized which can further be utilized for tracking the complete history of the user. Even one can utilize the history API which is generated to get the history of the corresponding addresses which are traced and found.

Once users are directed to the URL they will see either OK which tends to signify that location tracing has succeeded or FAILED if it is failed. Even one might see an error message if the corresponding processing has failed. The integration process of this application with other application is also quite easy and favourable which tends to improve its usage characteristics of the corresponding application.

☞ Download App :

You can download this amazing app at

☞ Release Date : The amazing app is launched on 13th January 2018.

☞ Conclusion

Thus TOPOAPP is an amazing application which can be used by either the business individuals or even the developers for performing their stated operations. It will tend to effectively guide the corresponding individuals to the desired location favourably and with the ease that makes this application most suitable for usage.



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