Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018

Earn Passive Income from Home : 7 Best Effortless Ways (2018)

I have been working in corporate industry in USA from many years. Although I have been making thousands of dollars every month, I never had that peace of mind that I can retire with good wealth some day. We all are running rat race. How many months you can run your family if you loose your job today? Think honestly for a minute. All the billionaires in the world understood a simple fact that ‘creating wealth is million times better than getting rich’. The best way to do that is by creating multiple streams of passive income.

There seems to be no other more pleasing way to make money than having passive income flow in your balance every month. Passive income does not require your 24/7 work hours to get them. You just have to take initiation at the beginning and let the money come to you. So, I am writing an article on the 7 best ways to earn passive income, almost effortlessly.

1. E-book Writer :

Just like a book writer getting his/her money from royalties, an e-book writer can eventually enjoy the profit of work s/he had finished with the e-book. If you master particular topics on particular subjects, write down your findings into a book and get it published on e-book market. You are going to make money from the charge per download. If you are a creative type person then read 7 Creative Ways to Earn Money

2. Real-Estate Investor :

There is no doubt that investing in real estate will be able to offer you huge profits. Either you want to sell or rent properties, all the money will go straight to you without you having to work so much hard. In addition, remember that each day more people are searching for shelter. That said, investing on real-estate can be a long-term profit-making source.


3. App Builder :

It may drain out all your sweat at the beginning, but as soon as your app gets downloaded by smartphone users, you have passive income flowing into your account. It is certainly a business with full of competition, but isn’t it our life actually is?

4. Blogger :

You are incredibly lucky if blogging is one of your specialties. More people today quit their daily job to focus on their blog pages which are fortunately great sources of money. Those pages enable advertisements to share space where you get money from. Read How I Earn $1000 per Month from YouTube in Part Time 

5. Online Sellers :

Build a website and sell your crafts on it. If people like your stuff, then you do not have to go anywhere but your home in order to make money. Passive income from this business can be really huge and appealing. Get your products on display, make a deal with customers, and you get your money.

6. Lending Club Investor :

It is a platform made for everybody to get loans from investors. Then how much do the investors get? Generally, an investor can gain profit from the interest rate on Lending Club. You can earn 10% per year from the interest rate.

7. Credit-Card Cash Back :

Surprisingly, there are more people use cash back from payments they make via credit cards. The amount of profit can reach 5%. You can even get bonus from card signup and grant you with even more profits without you having to feel tired.


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