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Top 4 Best Jobs in U.S.

We always look for jobs which give us better learning opportunity, designation and better money. Jobs in United States are popular because of the salary packages they offer. Here are the 4 jobs that are generally considered to be of high value in terms of salary payments.

Top 4 Best Jobs in United States – Software Engineer : 
High on mental ability and Low on physical stress, software engineers are in high demand due to the technical advancements happening across the globe. Every business is in need of Information Technology now and hence a growth can be expected. The average salary of a software engineer in U.S is around $87,200, which makes it one of the best paid jobs. A Software Engineer has to Analyse, Design, Develop, Test, Implement and Support the softwares and the systems.

The sector of Information Technology is seeing a significant boom from the past few years, and a demand for the skilled software engineers seem to be a never ending one. The software engineers have a scope also in the IT products, not just in the services domain. With a tempting salary packages and low physical pressure, this is considered as one of the best jobs in the market.

Top 4 Best Jobs in United States – Mathematician : 
High on stress, challenging work environment and low physical exertion. The average salary that a mathematical draws in United States in $79,200. Mathematics is the base for almost everything in the world which makes the mathematicians job a challenging one. They have to solve problems across industries, have to come up with formulas, theories which are very much needed for financial calculations and business plans.

Top 4 Best Jobs in United States – Statistician : 
Challenging work environment and low physical exertion. The average salary that a Statistician draws in United States in $72,200. All businesses are dependent on data. A Statistician analyzes, tabulates and interprets the data from various experiments and studies. Their work acts as a backbone for academic purposes, not just for the businesses which creates a huge demand for them.

Top 4 Best Jobs in United States – Computer System Analyst : 
Average work environment and high physical exertion.  The average salary that a Computer System Analyst draws in United States in $75,200. A computer system analyst has to ensure that the business, academic and scientific institutions have the latest computer softwares, hardwares and serves and they work without any interruption.

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