Thursday, 20 Jun 2019

Smartphone for Dogs – Yes, For Real

SmartPhones for Dogs

Imagine getting a phone call from your pet dog in the middle of an important meeting. This may sound absurd or too far-fetched to be true, however with the advent of Moxie- the first smartphone designed and developed for dogs, this may soon be a reality. Moxie smartphone is based on the bark patent call technology, which means your dog can use it to call you by just barking. The time, length and frequency can be adjusted manually.

The Moxie smartphone is designed with modern features and is circular shaped and sleek in design. It can be attached to the dog collar. The smartphone comes with a camera, which provides an option to see from the perspective of the dog. The speaker allows you to provide instructions to your dog and also help your dog to be soothed by hearing your voice. The smartphone allows you to see the actions of your dog. You can see the cute and funny actions of your dog and can also capture them which can be uploaded later to the social media. The batteries used in the smartphone are chargeable and can be swapped, which allows the Moxie smartphone to last the entire day.

Features of the Smartphone

  • Camera providing the dog’s eye view
  • Speaker and microphone for two-way communication
  • Screenshot capture
  • Audio alerts
  • Zoom feature

Moxie smartphone has been developed by a team of IT professionals with rich experience in their domain. It does seem that the smartphone development team also had an abundant love for dogs.

SmartPhones for Dogs
SmartPhones for Dogs

Need for Calling Dogs

The need to call your dog over the phone may sound freakish to people, but dog lovers will disagree and will endorse the need to do the same. In the busy and chaotic life which we lead, we get time to spend with the pet dog only during the night after returning from the work. The Moxie smartphone bridges this gap. The smartphone allows us to do the following:

  • Check up on the dog and see what they are doing
  • Instruct them and correct them in case they are doing something wrong using the built-in speaker
  • Provide a calming and reassuring feeling to the dog
  • Keep the dog entertained when he is alone at home
  • Good product for people who can not take their dog to work
  • Call and say hi to your dog

People wanting to buy the phone may note that it is in the prototype stage and launched on kickstarter in April. The project needs additional fundraising support of $15,000 to bring the phone in reality. The dog lovers wanting the phone can pledge between $5 to $550. On pledging $124, the smartphone is available two months advance of everyone in the color of choice and along with a harness and T-shirt.

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