Online Jobs for Students – Part 2

You can find the “Online Jobs for Students – Part 1” here
Online Job #5 – Copywriter : Being a copywriter, you basically write sales letters or ads. It is about selling in print. The better you understand the human psychology, the better copywriter you will become.

Online Job #6 – Designer : There is a very demand for designers now a days. You can earn thousands of dollars per month if you are an expert designer.

Online Job #7 – Ghost writer : There are lot of people who wants to see their name published on books. They might not be good in that or might not want to do all the work. If you have the talent of writting or publishin E-Books, here is an opportunity for you.

Online Job #9 – Link Builder : Increasing the page rank of a website is one of the most important factors to earn from it. Link building is one of the famous methods of doing it. You can help those website owners to do the same and get paid for it.

Online Job #10 – Be a Photoshop/Joomla etc expert : Help people with the technologies you are expert in.

Online Job #11 – Complete surveys and offers : Get registered in some websites who pays for submitting some surveys. Be aware of the fraud sites !!

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