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New Jersey DMV Computer Test Dumps

New Jersey DMV Computer Test – Tips to Pass the Exam : Hope you are doing good. As you might already be knowing that a DMV computer test contains 50 questions out of which you need to score 40 (80%) correct. The test stops immediately once you answer any 40 correct. You have an option to skip the questions and visit the questions back and forth any number of times. Hence, do not answer the question until you are 100% confident. Answer all the questions which you are most confident at. Then, return to the skipped questions and answer the questions which are little more confident. Keep repeating this until you finish the test.

As per my knowledge and experience of friends, you can answer around 30-35 questions if you can thoroughly study and ‘understand’ the below questions and answers for New Jersey DMV computer test. You need to understand the meaning and purpose of these questions and answers both because the same questions could be asked in multiple ways in the DMV exam to confuse you. I shall share more frequently asked and important questions and answers in my next blog. It is recommended to study the DMV book once before appearing the exam. I wish you all the Best !!

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New Jersey DMV Computer Test – Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers :

1. When must you signal before making a turn?
At least 100 feet before the intersection
2. How close may you park to a stop sign?
50 feet
3. How close may you park to a fire hydrant?
10 feet
4. What is the penalty for driving with a suspended license-first offense?
Fine of $500 and up to 6 months additional license suspension
5. Who is responsible if a student commits a traffic offense?
Both the student and the accompanying instructor or licensed driver
6. What should you do if approaching a steady yellow or amber signal?
Slow down, and stop before entering the intersection only if possible
7. What is a good practice while driving?
Keep from looking at one thing for more than a few seconds
8. What is the proper lane to turn into when making a left turn?
The lane nearest the center in the direction you are heading
9. When driving at night you should be able to stop?
Within the distance you can see ahead
10. Where should you position your car to make a left turn from a two way street?
The lane nearest the center of the road
11. What is a good practice when nearing an intersection?
Slow down and be prepared to stop
12. If there’s a “No Turn On Red” sign, when can you make a turn on red?
13. What must you do if you want to turn left at a traffic light?
Yield to oncoming traffic
14. What papers must you have when operating a motor vehicle?
License, registration, and insurance card
15. What does a flashing red light mean?
Stop, proceed with caution
16. What does a yellow diamond shaped sign mean?
Warning or caution
17. How far should you stay behind the car that you are following?
At least 2 seconds
18. If two cars reach a four way stop at the same time, what is proper procedure?
The driver on the left yields to the driver on the right
19. What should you do if you go into a skid?
Take your foot off the gas
20. What is the most common mistake a new driver makes with the brakes?
Pushing the brake too hard
21. What does a red eight-sided sign mean?
22. What does a red and white triangular sign mean?
23. If you drive through a deep puddle, what should you do?
Test your brakes
24. When is the road surface most slippery?
During the first few minutes of rain
25. When should you use your high beams?
Open country driving situations

26. If the lights of oncoming cars are in your eyes, what should you do?
Look to the lower right side of your traffic lane
27. A driver’s left hand extended upward means what?
He is making a right turn
28. A driver’s left hand extended straight out means what?
He is making a left turn
29. A driver’s left hand extended downward means what?
He is making a stop or slowing down
30. The safest way to exit an expressway is to?
Slow your car to the posted speed limitDriving+Test+Dumps
31. What should you do if your brakes fail?
Shift to a lower gear and pump your brakes
32. What should you do if your electric signal fails to operate?
Use hand signal(s)
33. What should you do if you have a blowout?
Slow down gradually
34. What should you do if you miss an exit on an expressway?
Got to the next exit. Don’t back up
35. When a school bus has stopped at a school to pick up or let off children, you may pass in either direction at a speed of no more than?
10 miles per hour
36. How should you turn your wheels when parking downhill next to a curb?
To the right towards the curb
37. When Special permits may be issued for a 16 year old ?
The 16 year old is enrolled in a Behind the Wheel Driver Education Course or enrolled in a Commercial Driving Education course and when the permit is purchased by a state approved Driving Instructor
38. In city driving, a good habit is to ?
Look ahead 12 seconds
39. When approaching a railroad crossing with flashing lights you should stop ___ feet of the nearest rail ?
15 feet
40. Studies show that the greatest number of people arrested for drunk driving had been drinking what kind of alcoholic beverage?
41. What is the speed limit in a school zone ?
25 mph
42. What is the speed limit in a business area ?
25 mph
43. What is the speed limit on a highway ?
50 mph
44. A 12 oz. Can of beer has as much alcohol in it as ?
1 ½ oz. Of 86 proof whiskey or one 5 oz. Glass of wine
45. Whether your blood alcohol content raises above legal limits depends on ?
How fast you drank, your weight, how much you drank
46. The best way to reduce your chances of having an alcohol related accident is ?
Don’t drink and drive
47. Drugs that may affect basic driving skills are ?
Cold medicines, tranquilizers, and some prescription drugs
48. When blood/alcohol content reaches 0.15%, your chances of getting into a serious/fatal accident will increase how many times ?
25 times
49. What is “Habitual Offender”?
Any person whose license has been suspended 3 times within 3 years
50. The first conviction penalty for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is ?
$250-$400 fine and possible imprisonment for 30 days and loss of license for 6 months – 1 year

51. What is a good rule of thumb for following distances on dry roads?
One car length for every 10 mph speed or 2-3 second space between cars
52. What does the word ” tailgating” mean?
Driving too close to the vehicle in front. This does not allow enough time to react if the vehicle ahead stops suddenly or slows
53. What does hydroplaning mean?
Losing the tire grip on wet roads and riding on a film of water
54. What is an uncontrolled intersection?
An intersection where there’s no traffic signals or signs
55. What is an acceleration lane?
An extra lane provided at the entrance to an expressway to provide a vehicle distance in which to build up speed
56. You must stop at least _ feet from a school bus with its red lights on?
57. Dates for studded tires on New Jersey roadways are?
November 15th to April 1st
58. Information signs are what color?
Blue or green
59. What should you do if a traffic light is not working?
Slow down, yield to traffic, and proceed when safe
60. Persons under the age of 21 are considered under the influence (DUI) when their blood alcohol content is ?
.01, .05 or .08%. Any amount of alcohol is over the limit
61. During what time you can practice driving with a valid special learners permit (for a 16 year old) ?
Between 5:01 am and 11 P.M.
62. When it is legal to make a right turn on red, what must you do ?
Make a full stop and check traffic
63. You can get alcohol out of your blood by ?
Time. The more you wait, the less the influence.
64. The position of the hands on the steering wheel are ?
At 9 and 3 o’clock
65. The definition of a blind spot is ?
Area which cannot be seen in the outside mirror(s)
66. What is the penalty for not having your insurance card with you?
Fine up to $100
67. A single, solid white line across a road at an intersection means ?
Stop within 5 feet of the line for a sign or traffic light
68. If you have an out of state license, and move to NJ, you must apply for a NJ license within ?
60 days, or before your current license expires, whichever comes first
69. Some signs of alcohol impairment are ?
Swerving, going too fast or slow
70. How long do you have to report a change in address on a NJ license?
1 week
71. Headlights, not parking lights alone, must be used during what time ?
One-half hour before sunset to one-half hour after sunrise, in poor weather conditions, and when visibility is 500 feet or less
72. If your car breaks down on an expressway, the first thing you should do is ?
Try to pull off the road safely
73. If a driver receives a “proposed license suspension”, he/she must…… ?
Attend a NJ driver improvement program, ask for a hearing with the division of Motor Vehicles or turn in his/her license for the suspension period
74. When you buy a used car which has an expired inspection sticker, the car must be inspected within ?
Two weeks
75. How long do you have to report a name change to the DMV?
2 weeks

76. Failure to give consent to be tested for alcohol consumption (the implied consent law) is punishable by ?
6 months suspension of driving privileges
77. In adverse weather conditions, the stopping distance of a truck increases by ?
25 percent
78. If a traffic light is hanging horizontally, which side is the red on?
the left
79. A provisional license is good for how long?
1 year
80. A basic license is good for how long ?
four years
81. The bac level for over 21 is ?
82. The bac level for under 21 is ?
83. What should you do if any emergency vehicle like ambulance, fire engine etc is appearing you ?
Move to the extreme right
84. You know you are in the blind spot of a truck in front of you if?
you can’t see him in his mirror
85. One of the main things to look out for when dealing with a truck is?
Their blind spot
86. A car seat should be placed in the ___ ?
back seat in the middle, not in the front
87. For a GDL (stands for Graduated Driver’s License, page 5-8 of the DMV manual) permit, what are not allowed to be used ?
handheld devices (such as game systems and cell phones)
88. For someone over 21, what are the GDL time restrictions ?
No restrictions
89. The standard fine for a GDL infraction is ?
90. If a person with a BAC level of .05% _ their chances of getting into an accident, then a person with a BAC level of .10% ?
91. If a person with a BAC level of .05% he has ____ times greater chance of getting into an accident?


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