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Network Marketing Success Secrets

Network Marketing has become a buzz word these days. More and more people are realizing the potential of this industry and are entering in to this to taste big success. However, the rate of success in this Internet Network Marketing industry is not big and hence the doubt clouds are covering lot of hopes. We need to realize that this is a professionally emerging industry and hence a need for a set of principles is needed.

4 Must Basic Steps in Network Marketing:
Below are the 4 basic steps in network marketing, no matter what kind of company you are working as long as it is under network marketing model. There are lot of network marketing and MLM ‘gurus’ who are there to preach you lot of ‘tips’ and ‘shortcuts’. But, as long as you don’t follow these four steps you definitely will not reach any other stage – forget about making millions.

1. Prepare a list : Prepare a list of your contacts – friends, colleagues, ex-colleagues, relatives, their relatives etc. Its perfectly okay even if you take 1 week to prepare this. Do it with full commitment. Do not judge anyone whether they will be interested in your business or its products/services. When you are asked to prepare a list – just prepare a list. Don’t miss anyone. List is the raw material for this business.

2. Invite them : Take your phone. Call them. Have a conversation. Make them feel comfortable of what you are talking about. Suggest them (do not force) about what you are planning to do. Check their interest. Remember, do not explain your business idea over phone itself. Just give a hint. Do not explain further if they insist. Take an appointment.

3. Show the Business Plan : Explain them the business plan in as less time as possible. Do not eat their time. Do not rush either. Do a good research about your business domain, products and services. Unable to clarify queries about your idea gives a bad opinion to the counterparts.

4. Follow Up : Most of them do not agree (or agrees, but not willing to join you) with your concept. Give them time and space to think, but not too much. You have to follow them up within 72 hours (and not less than 24 hours, you look hurry and conscious).


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