Mystery Shopping and Paid Surveys
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Mystery Shopping and Paid Surveys

Mystery Shopping and Paid Surveys: There are many companies who are interested to know what their customers are thinking about their products and services in a transparent way. The reason why I used the word transparent is that the single reason of non transparent and non realistic feedbacks. Mystery Shopping which is also called as Secret Shopping is not a very new concept too.Being a mystery shopper or a secret shopper you have to go and do shopping at one of your client’s business place just like any other customer and analyze the way the business is done. You don’t really need any qualifications to do this. All that you need analyzing capabilities and some common sense. A bit of knowledge about the business you interact with is an added advantage.


You need note down how the customers are welcomed and treated. Are their (its you here) queries being answered properly? Are the customers satisfied with the price and quality of products and services ?

Although mystery shopping is a good idea to make money, it doesn’t really make you rich. You can make anywhere between $15 to $35. Some companies doesn’t pay money rather they give small gifts or a meal voucher. You are supposed to apply for many companies and a company which selects you might give you only 3 or 4 clients per month.

One more option for you is to make money from Paid Surveys. An advantage with this is you can do the work from home if you have computer with Internet connection. Though there are hundreds of Paid Survey companies on Internet promising great money consistently, paid surveys are far away from that. It really needs a lot of hard work and sometimes smart work. You should be really careful about the company type, its history and the reality in payments to be received.

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