Wednesday, 22 May 2019

77% Discount on Flipkart Home Furnishing Items- Details

Hello, Hope you are doing good. You, I and everyone likes to buy quality home furniture yet at a discounted rate. With the proper mix of furniture, craftsmanship, tools, floor coverings, cushion etc we have a chance to create whatever we look need.  For a long time, the main option to buy home decor things furniture, craftsmanship, cushions, pottery, kitchen product, mats and more was to visit a neighborhood store. But today thanks to Flipkart, stunning things can be purchased by sitting at home. Flipkart has not only has world class brands and items but it also provides best rates. Home furnishing has never been easier than before. The best thing is we can add, compare side by side and buy whatever we want. Below are some of the good offers you may be interested in.


  1. There is an offer for cotton bed sheets at just below Rs 799. There are wide ranges and varieties to choose from. Bed sheets are very important and can make your bed look more lavish. There are many brands and colors and all under same price bracket. You can compare them side by side and buy here for 60% discount. Yes, that is true – upto 60% discount.
  2. Double cotton bed sheets are also available starting at just Rs 499.
  3. Window curtains are the most important and exhibiting part of the home. It can make your ruin the look of the room. Window curtains of set of 2 are available starting at just Rs 299. You can choose from a wide range and varieties to suit your need and enhance the look of your room. There are all of standard sizes. Want 77% discounts on window curtains? Compare them side by side here.
  4. There are also premium curtains, designer and lavish looking which is just available starting from Rs 399.
  5. If you are looking for more lavishing and expensive range Home Furnishing items click here for atleast 25% discounts.

Moreover you can also get more discounts if you purchase using SBI cards (both debit and credit). There are some cash back offers running now. Do not worry if you don’t have SBI card. You can still purchase the items at good price at above links.


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