Wednesday, 20 Feb 2019
Category: Technical

Top 4 Best Jobs in U.S.

We always look for jobs which give us better learning opportunity, designation and better money. Jobs in United States are popular because of the salary packages they offer. Here are the 4 jobs that are generally considered to be of high value in terms of salary payments. Top 4 Best Jobs in United States – Software Engineer […]

Oracle SQL and PLSQL with Performance Tuning Training

Oracle SQL and PLSQL skills are a must for any Oracle database developer today. Furthermore, because of the standard nature of the SQL language syntax, one can use these skills even for working with a MS SQL Server database as well.   Additionally, there is a huge demand for Oracle SQL and PLSQL skills in […]

Oracle SQL Interview Questions

1. How to get the running Oracle version?  Ans : select * from v$version;  2. How to get the time zone under which the DB is running? Ans: select dbtimezone from dual;  SQL> select dbtimezone from dual;   DBTIME —— +00:00   3. When an user process fails for any reason, which background process cleans […]

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