Wednesday, 22 May 2019

New to Fun Animations Land at Apagraph


If you love using Apagraph then you will love our new animated designs that will truly help bring your quotes to life. We like to keep things fresh around here and want to give our customers more of what they love.

If you have not discovered our animated themes yet then head over to the site to discover the exclusive animated themes that we have on offer.


Animated themes are Great Fun

Our most popular animated themes include these two beauties that look great with your wise words all over them!


For those who want to bring a little sparkle into their life!
This twinkly design is perfect for people who love all that glisten. If you are planning on writing quotes about romance, positivity or hope then this is the perfect Apagraph theme for you. If you take a look at the Apagraph quote feed you will see many fans of this design and we are sure the quotes will make you smile.


For those who want to share their words with a touch of grunge!

This design is great if you want to share modern quotes that have a bit of an edge to them. Think quotes about music, art and all things creative when using this awesome design. It definitely offers something different than a lot of quote generators on the net.


See, we told you that you would love them. Now go and share with your friends and family.

Now, for our new animations, which one will you prefer?

One for Book Lovers

If you cannot get enough of quotes about books, you now have the perfect design that will truly bring your words to life!


Whether you are a closet bookworm or are an out and proud book geek then our cute new book theme will delight your nerdy senses! So, dig out the best quotes from your childhood classics or a book that you are currently reading and share the words of wisdom. We love the dreamy design of this theme as it is so inviting, almost as if you are heading inside of the story that you are quoting about.

Is it True Love?

Here at Apagraph we like to take things easy and we know when to have a little laugh and share a lot of love!


The second new Apagraph theme release all you love struck kids can quote away and tell the world how you are feeling. You may feel helplessly in love with someone that you shouldn’t be or you could be trying to get over a recent heartbreak and we think that this animated theme would fit either situation. This eye-catching theme offers something for everyone as it is not too sugary sweet but not too negative either.


Once you have decided on the perfect animated quote for you it can be published and shared with your friends across your favorite social media platforms.

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