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Q1. What is Amway?
A1. Amway is a North American based company which provides various products like Home care, Skin care, Health Care (Nutrition Supplements), Personal Care etc. (Read further to know more about these products)

Q2. What is Amway Business Opportunity?
A2. Amway is a low investment Business Opportunity and is based on Network Marketing/Distribution model.

Q3. Is Amway a trust-able organization?
A3. Amway is operating across 87 countries. It was started 51 years ago in 1960 in North America. Though it has faced a lot of legal issues from all these years, it has been proving its mettle across multiple countries. 

Q4. How to become an Amway Distributor?
A4. The person must be sponsored into the amway business by an already active member as this model works on referal marketing. The person who sponsors you into the business is called your upline and is responsible for teaching you the basics of the business, products and other necessary information. You will be called as IBO (Independent Business Owner) once you became a member/distributor of Amway.

Q5. Is it expensive to become an Amway Distributor?/What is the Investment to start Amway Business?
A5. No. As the business model works on the repeated volume being created and not on the registration fee, the business comes for very less investment. As the company is operation in over 85 countries across the globe, the investment varies according to the region. In some countries the investment is even zero incase if you are buying a certain amount of products (that are anyways useful for you and are of your choice).

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