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4 Tips for Effective Part Time Network Marketing

Effective Tips for Part Time Network Marketing :

A vast majority of people across the globe are doing network marketing as part time option. While you have a hectic full time job, a part time income source gives a sense of financial security. The beauty of network marketing businesses is they do not force any targets. Hence you can try it out in part time and if it clicks out you can do it full time too.

It requires discipline to effectively manage the limited time you have. You would not have a boss in Network Marketing business, so the only driving ‘force’ is how badly you want the success in the business. The reasons could be financial security or being your own boss or exploring a new business on your own or all of these.

1. Plan the Week in Advance :

Plan out your entire next week on every Sunday night. Maintain a journal and divide the entire week’s time wisely as “work time”, “recreation time”, “family time” and “MLM time”.  If someone asks you to spend time taking it from your MLM time, you must be able to honestly say ‘Sorry, I already have something important planned’. You must convince your mind first before convincing others.

Your MLM time must be devoted for only 4 important things.

  1. Prospecting
  2. Business Presentation
  3. Follow up
  4. Training or Learning

2. Use a Duplicatable System :

It is very important to have a duplicatable system that uses tools like books, cds/tapes and functions. Use it to yourself and teach it to your team for effective results. Choose right tools for right people. Do not waste much of your time with non interested people. Use your time wisely with effective people.

3. Effective use of MLM time :

Use your MLM time effectively and inform your family members how important it is. Though it is understandable that they feel for your extra hard work time, you should be able to explain them what would be the consequences of those little extra efforts. Make them understand about Financial Freedom.

4. Effective Business Presentation :

As you have a limited time to do business presentations choose right people (people who wants to succeed and not time wasters) and do an ‘effective presentation’. You must be able to do a presentation within either 10 mins or 20 mins or 30 mins itself. Do not give too much description and in detail presentation. Expect them to be smart enough to understand the details with a good overview of the idea.

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